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simple tips to make your android phone battery last longer

Its no doubt that android phone and devices are taking the mobile phone market by storm.nevertheless lots of android phone battery don't last long and this is one of the major problem of such device.personally my htc mytouch 4g slide running android 2.3 OS battery does not last long but i have been able to increase the battery usage to a reasonable percentage with the help of some tips and tricks to make my android phone battery last long.
tips to make android phone battery last long

some of this tips am about to share with you can enable you to make use of your droid phone to a reasonable extent before the battery goes down.

how to make your android phone battery last longer

==> don't leave your wifi, bluetooth, hotspot ON when not making use of it.lots of us do make such mistake of keeping them on and it does consume lots of battery usage

==> remove any app from your droid device home page that requires internet connection e.g wheather cause it also consume power

==> always make sure that no used app is still running after you are through with such an app.some app don't have the exit option so they still run on the background.in this case you can download app killer from googleplay which will enable you to kill all app that is still running.

==> make sure you block some app that auto start when you put on your wifi or mobile internet connection cause they may be running at the background without your notice.

in this case you can download droidwall which will serve as a firewall app to block application that connect to internet automatically

==> uninstall live animated wall paper cause they also suck battery data.

==> reduce the brightness of your droid device display.to do this, go to settings=>display.there you can adjust it.that's all.

if you know any other tips to do this you can as well share with us so that other visitors can benefit by making use of the comment form.ENJOY>

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