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10 Responses to "2go chat messenger registration"

  1. I went to dat website and even was noting lik select ur country and others

  2. @anonymous, read the post again and follow the cannot register on 2go website, you will have to download the latest version of 2go application, when you open it from your phone, you will see where to enter your country and continue your registration

  3. Pls i want to register everything online bc my network cannot download it.

  4. @olah, 2go have updated their app, so one can not register online as for now.registration is been done through the application after downloading it

  5. I have downloaded the 2go application twice both without any registration details shown to me. I want to register and get chatting what's the problem.

  6. after downloading 2go latest application, open it, it will ask you to choose your country, do that and press continue, from the next page it will request for your phone number, insert the number you want to use to create the account, if that number has not been used to register on 2go before, then it will bring up a registration screen for you to insert your details but if it has been used, then it will log you in automatically.

  7. i downloaded 2go in jar format and installed on my phone,bt registration has never reach country before it stops,complaining that i should check my gprs network settings

  8. @olufunbi, maybe its network problem or check your network access point settings

  9. I downloaded 2go onto my galaxy bt i dont see the registration details. When i open the app i only see the login window.

  10. @anonymous, is it the latest version you downloaded, if yes, then the registration page would have opened for you immediately you insert a new number that has not been used on 2go before.


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