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6 Responses to "Quality features to watch out for before buying a desktop computer or laptop"

  1. Is bluetooth also needed as a features.pls either hp or acer laptop which one is ok.Thanks for the tips.

  2. Please mr john,i bought a pc with out cdrom,how do i fix one.pls help me.

  3. Hi admin,is their any way i can install window 7 on my desktop xp.i try installing win7 and it is giving me desktop has 500mb hard disk and a ram of 250mb.need you reply,thanks.

  4. @anonymous1, bluetooth is some thing of may want it do to your own a days pc has bluetooth its your choice.

  5. @anonymous2,is the pc a mini laptop or not.if yes,then you have to buy external cd rom to make use lapy dont have inbuilt cd rom

  6. @philia,dont make me laff,you mean you want to use win7 on desktop computer with low capacity.win7 requires at least 1gb ram to complete installation.upgrade your ram size and hard disk space.


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