How I Root Tecno F6 Without Computer Or PC

How To Root Tecno F6 Without Computer Or PC using Kingroot. recently i just got my hands on tecno f6 and one of the first thing i did on the android phone was to root it without using computer or Laptop PC.the phone is a brother to tecno f7 but this time is has upgraded OS. tecno f6 has latest android version 4.4 kitkat while tecno F7 is running on 4.2 jelly bean.though the features of tecno f6 is kind of moderate for one who wants to make use of it for surfing the internet and checking mails.its not recommended for heavy task because it overheat a lot.well, that is by the way.lets get down to rooting proper.if you have been finding it difficult with rooting your tecno F6, then follow this guide as i will put you through on the steps i took to root tecno F6 and install cwm clockwork recovery mod.

LinkedIn Buys At $1.5 Billion

LinkedIn Buys At $1.5 Billion.never thought would be sold For $1.5 Billion to anyone or organisation.recently, the news spreading on the internet confirms that was sold to LinkedIn at $1.5 Billion.
for those who don't know what LinkedIn is all about, then let me give you a little insight.

LinkedIn is an online social platform where employer meets employee and one can be hired or employed via LinkedIn. its a social network platform that is different from the Facebook and twitter in terms of connect with other people with likes mind and get to work with them if need be, this is why one is connecting with business likes minded people on LinkedIn. guess you now have a little insight on what LinkedIn is all about.

How To Set Your Music, Song As MTN Caller Tune As An UpComing Artiste

How To Set Your Music, Song As Mtn Caller Tune As An UpComing Artiste.Are you an upcoming musician, music artiste and would like to set your song as caller tune on mtn,glo,etisalat,airtel without stress, if yes, then continue reading this and i knows the importance of using your own song,music as callertune instead of the normal default tune given to you by the network provider such as MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, stand more chances of promoting your song to the public and opportunity of a producer, music label, other artiste listening to your song when they call you.isn't that cool, free way to promote your song to other people including your friends and family members.they would be surprised and thrilled seeing that your own song is set as mtn callertune.

How To Know If Your HTC Android Phone Or Device Is Original Or Fake : Read This Before Buying Any

How To Know If Your HTC Android Phone Or Device Is Original Or may be making use of fake HTC Android Phone or device without you having a clue it is fake Or Original due to the design and packaging.lots of people are making use of fake HTC android phone bought from either online or offline from mobile phone dealers thinking they are making use of the funny aspect of the whole thing is that most of the phone dealers are not even aware the htc product they bought is fake, they just go to the market and buy from those who have the product they requested for and the device may even be expensive which makes it convincing to those who are making use of HTC Android phone for the first if you want to know if an HTC android Phone or Device is Fake Or Original, then continue reading

Blogger Comment Box Not Working On Operamini : How I Fix It

Blogger Comment Box Not Working On Operamini : Alternative Way To Fix It.recently i have noticed that blogger comment form box is not working on operamini mobile browser when visitors tries to make comment.its not as if the form does not display but the box where one will select a profile to comment on the site is having issues as it can not bring out the profile option for visitors to select and this will reduce comments and engagements from mobile users since they cannot comment using operamini on their mobile phone.many bloggers running their site on blogger/blogspot are having this problem but most of them are not aware if you have noticed it and looking for ways to fix it, then you are on the right site.this post will guide you through on how i fix blogger/blogspot comment form box not working on operamini on mobile phone

Difference Between Http And Https : A Must Read For All Internet Users

Difference Between http And https : A Must Read For All Internet Users.most of us must have visited a particular website and noticed that some have their url starting with http while some has https and you begin to wonder why is it so.well.most internet users don't take notice of the http and https whenever they visited any website especially websites that contains sensitive datas like credit card, login, ecommerce site, online banking, epayment processor etc. those kind of site have https which shows they have ssl certificate.its not every website that have it because some don't need it.mostly blogs, personal website may ask why, well, let me explain in details, what is the difference between http and http and why it is important.

Download 2go Latest Version 5.0.3

Download 2go Latest Version 5.0.3. 2go chat messenger latest version 5.3 has been released for all 2go users to download.the latest version comes with a redesigned interface with lots of features added to it.the background of 2go chat messenger latest version is now gray with a beautiful navigation menu bar.this latest version has a log out option which means you can now logout of your 2go account and login using another 2go username by simply clicking the switch account button from the app.

this feature is what many 2go users have been waiting to see since some people makes use of their friends and family 2go chat application to respond to important message and connect with friends without logging out leaving their 2go account which makes it accessible by unauthorized Download 2go Latest Version 5.0.3 and see the new features added for yourself.