Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reason why your Andriod Phone Get Bricked/Damaged When rooting

most of us that is new to android phone and rooting, there is one thing that will always come into your mind when you want to try your first rooting skill on your android phone which is "what if the phone got bricked/damage as a result of rooting it". most of us are new and would not want to damage their expensive phone just because of gaining root access on the phone.imagine getting a Samsung galaxy s4 and it got bricked/damage because of the root method used in rooting the phone, you will start to panic right, well i understand that feelings.there is no doubt that rooting your android phone regardless of the OS it is running, it may still get bricked/damaged, it is either the phone start rebooting itself or malfunction.the cause of this is because of the changes made in the phone system core files.every phone has a different root method and when used for a different device, the exploit may not get through to the core system file it was targeted for and if such files is not present in the phone or it is in another location, then the root may damage some files in the process of not identifying the target location,still don't understand right, then let me explain further

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

new code to check airtel internet bundle balance (phone and blackberry Bis plan)

the way we used to check airtel internet bundle balance,both normal mobile phone and bis balance have been changed and some people are finding it difficult to get the remaining balance of their internet bundle subscribed to both normal phone plan and blackberry BIS plans.when you try to use the previous code *141*712*0#, you will see a message like "Dear customer, You do not have an active data plan". you will get this message even when you have just subscribed and the airtel internet bundle plan is still active.the reason why you see such message is because they have stopped using the code.they have come up with a new code for the different device which are separated to normal phone MB balance and blackberry bis balance. the code for checking normal airtel mobile phone MB balance is not the same code used for checking airtel blackberry BIS MB balance.so if you have been getting an error while checking your airtel remaining internet bundle balance,here is the new code to check airtel internet bundle mb balance for both mobile phone and blackberry Bis

Saturday, April 19, 2014

jamb 2014 result checker : how to check your 2014 JAMB UTME result

after the just concluded 2014 jamb utme exam, jamb has released the statistics of those who past and fail.according to news, the 2014 jamb utme result has more failure rate than their previous exams.non the less, candidate can check their jamb 2014 UTME result from their result portal website at jamb.org.ng.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Video : How To Get Approved Google Adsense Account Within 24 Hours

for those who have been struggling in getting approved google adsense account for their website or blog, here is a detailed video tutorial i have created which will show you step by step on how to get approved google adsense account within 24 hours.in this video, i made use of youtube partnership program that will enable you to monetize your youtube video in other to make money from any advert google place on your video.you get paid if some one click on the advert on the video you uploaded on youtube.apart from using this adsense account to monetize your youtube video's, you can also make use of it on your website or blog if you have but your website must be in line with google terms and condition.this is one of the easy road to get an approved adsense account within 24 hours.if you do it right, you will be smilling with a full approved adsense account in nigeria or other country, which you can use on any of your website.here are the details i covered in this video tutorial

Friday, April 11, 2014

how to change your lost 2go number to new one

now you can change the number used in creating 2go account to new one if you have lost it.have you lost the number you used to create your 2go account and would like to change it to the new one you are currently using.well, 2go team have finally come up with a solution for those who have lost their old number used in creating 2go to enable them change it to the current one they are now using and still maintain your username.this is what most of us have been waiting for and i believe 2go team must have received a lots of complaint concerning this issue that made them to come up with a solution.so if you have lost your old 2go number, you can follow the step on this post to change your 2go number to the one you are currently using.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

How I Root Tecno M7 Without Using Computer Or PC

in this post i will share with you on how to root tecno M7 without computer or pc.in one of my previous post, i shared a trick on how to root tecno M3 without PC which i believe that the same method can also be used for tecno M7.it may interest you to know that tecno android phone are one of the easiest brand of phone that can be rooted easilly without much stress since they make use of MTK processors.onlike HTC, Google Nexus, Sony ericson or samsung Galaxy that may require you to unlock the bootloader of the phone to enable you install custom recovery and flash rooms which is also part of rooting process.but this post is all about tecno M7 and how to root it.so follow the guide carefull and you should be able to root your tecno M7 without using computer making use of framearoot

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How i Root Tecno M3 without computer or PC

rooting tecno M3 will enable you to gain root access and administrative right over the phone which will allow you to make changes,edit,modify,tweak the phone system core files according to your needs.i believe you like the though of having such access to on your android phone,well, don't be too excited yet because you will have to know the implication of getting your phone rooted.there are so many method you can use to root tecno M3 but i am going to share with you the most convinient and easy one which you can do without using computer or PC.if you follow the guide well, you will get root access on your phone within a minute.so this guide will direct you on how to root your tecno M3 without using computer via Framearoot.


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