How I Fix A Required Cd/Dvd Drive Device Driver Is Missing Or Corrupt

A Required CD/DVD Drive Device Driver Is Missing.if you have a driver floppy disk cd, DVD, or usb Flash Drive, Please Insert it now.
Note: if the windows installation media is in the CD/DVD drive, You can safely remove it for this steps
Recently i was working on a computer.the computer was brought to me to be formatted with new OS installation, windows 7 to be precised.the process is on and it got to half way, i got an error that the installation could not be completed that A Required Cd/Dvd Drive Device Driver Is Missing.i was like what.the installation Cd has been corrupted so i had to look for another windows 7 installation cd to carry on the formatting.even after changing the CD, it still pop up same the end of everything, i managed to format the computer with a new windows Installation cd.after everything, i traced the cause of the error and found out that the dvd drive on the computer is the problem.the computer dvd drive is corrupting my windows cd, damaging the files inside that is causing the A Required Cd/Dvd Drive Device Driver Is Missing Or Corrupt

Text File Splitter : An Handy Software To Split Your Large Text Files Into Different Smaller Parts

Text file splitter would you love to split your large text file into smaller parts without stress.manually separating lines of text in a large text file is cumbersome and many of us would not want to do me, i do a lot of scrapping activities on the internet and save them all in one text in other to remove duplicate entries.after removing it, there is need for me to separate the lines of text inside the text file and split it into various parts, like 40 lines each and if i am to do it manually, it would take forever to get it done.counting 40 lines each from the text file of about thousand lines of text is not something i would want to do manually.maybe you download large amount of emails, phone numbers, social media usernames, documents files contained in a notepad text file and you want to separate them and break it into smaller parts, then this text file splitter can be an handy software you can use to make that manual job automated.

how to check the OS version of your android phone or device

how to check the OS version of your android phone or device.Knowing the OS version of your android phone or device will allow you to make decision as to whether you should buy the phone or also enable you to know the type of software to download for the device as some software will make it clear that it will only work for certain android phone or device running either higher or lower OS to check the OS version of your android phone or device : Website Used In Searching For Bulk Domain Names Availability to use in searching for bulk domain names availability.have you thought of a good domain name only to find out that it has been taken by some one else.have you coined out different domain names and want to know if they are available so you can pick the best that is available but don't know how to do it.if you have been struggling to do that then struggle no more. is a website i usually use to check for domain name availability when ever i want to buy a domain name for any one.

Airtel 4GB Internet Bundle Plan For 1500

How would you feel subscribing to airtel 4GB internet data plan and pay 1500 instead of the 2GB data plan that also cost 1500.if you are among thos making use of airtel blackberry plan of 1gb or 2gb which cost 1200 and 1500 respectively, then it would be wise for you to try a switch to the airtel 4GB blackberry plan and see if it would work for you.i have been using airtel 2gb data plan for quite some time now which cost 1500 and its not enough for my internet activities because am the downloading type.i used to try their 4gb subscription code but normally gets a feedback message that my sim is not eligible for their 1+1 blackberry plan which got me thinking why would they make some sim eligible and some not.

How I Fix Blogger/Blogspot Post Not Showing Image Thumbnail On Home Page

I guess you have noticed the error on blogger blogspot post not showing image thumbnail on home first i thought it was my template but on a second look at my previous post, image thumbnail has been showing on all the post on home page.i have to try so many tweak by adding additional image thumbnail code but still yet got same error.i decided to scan through the image source code and found the solution to the image thumbnail not showing on blogger blogspot post on home page

What is youtube?

most of have been hearing about youtube but have not taken the time to know more about it.most of the movies, music video, funny video are been downloaded from

youtube is an online video streaming website where one can watch and download any video be it movies, music, tutorials is owned and operated by the internet giant i will explain what youtube is all about and how to use it.