Difference Between Http And Https : A Must Read For All Internet Users

Difference Between http And https : A Must Read For All Internet Users.most of us must have visited a particular website and noticed that some have their url starting with http while some has https and you begin to wonder why is it so.well.most internet users don't take notice of the http and https whenever they visited any website especially websites that contains sensitive datas like credit card, login, ecommerce site, online banking, epayment processor etc. those kind of site have https which shows they have ssl certificate.its not every website that have it because some don't need it.mostly blogs, personal website etc.you may ask why, well, let me explain in details, what is the difference between http and http and why it is important.

Download 2go Latest Version 5.0.3

Download 2go Latest Version 5.0.3. 2go chat messenger latest version 5.3 has been released for all 2go users to download.the latest version comes with a redesigned interface with lots of features added to it.the background of 2go chat messenger latest version is now gray with a beautiful navigation menu bar.this latest version has a log out option which means you can now logout of your 2go account and login using another 2go username by simply clicking the switch account button from the app.

this feature is what many 2go users have been waiting to see since some people makes use of their friends and family 2go chat application to respond to important message and connect with friends without logging out leaving their 2go account which makes it accessible by unauthorized users.so Download 2go Latest Version 5.0.3 and see the new features added for yourself.

Android Version 5.1 Lollipop New Anti Theft Security Features : A Must Read

Android Version 5.1 Lollipop New Security Features : A Must Read.recently Google just brought out a news about the latest release of android 5.1 Lollipop upgrade with new security features.according to google team on android 5.1, the security features enables one to enter their gmail account used in setting up the phone when it was bought to unlock it if the phone is stolen and formatted.so if you are making use of latest android 5.1 upgrade and your device got stolen and was formatted, one is expected to insert your gmail login details to unlock and get access to the phone.the new security anti theft features that is added to android 5.1 is called android device protection.

Glo Borrow Me Credit : How To Borrow Credit From Glo

Glo Borrow Me Credit.how to borrow credit from glo. you must have seen the glo borrow me credit on advert and maybe thinking if it is available for all glo subscribers.yes, it is available for all globacom subscribers provided you have a working glo sim which you regularly make use of.

the glo borrow me credit is not new.many glo subscribers have been using glo borrow me credit to borrow airtime whenever they are out.this is important because in times of emergency, one don't have to worry if they have no airtime on their phone as they can easily dial the glo borrow me credit code to borrow airtime and their mobile phone will be credited instantly.

Just imagine you need to make an important call and find out you are out of airtime on glo network and where they use to sell airtime is very far from where you are, or maybe you need to make calls at night during the late hours, you can't risk going outside at late hour to buy airtime.so with glo borrow me credit, you can easily recharge your phone with any amount of airtime denomination provided it is available.here is how to get this service

How To Manually Free Up Space On Your Android Phone Or Tab Device Using Custom Recovery ( cwm or Twrp ) With Aroma File Manager

How To Manually Free Up Space On Your Android Phone Or Tab Device Using Custom Recovery ( cwm or Twrp ) With Aroma File Manager.Backing up a phone that is having problem is likely to give that same problem when you restore it because something must have caused the error, so you won't want to do that.most mobile phone engineer will factory reset the android phone, whether hard or soft, it will still wipe out most of your important apps, paid or free instead of just deleting some few apps with custom recovery like cwm and team win recovery project (twrp) and aroma file manager.so if you have rooted your android phone, weather HTC, SAMSUNG GALAXY, SONY XPERIA, TECNO ANDROID, INFINIX, GIONEE ETC, with custom recovery installed, then you have more chances of getting it fixed.just follow this guide on how to manually free up space on android phone or tab device using custom recovery with aroma file manager.

How To Upload Attachment On Gmail Mobile Version

How To Upload Attachment On Gmail Mobile Version.guess you are unable to find the attachment link on gmail mobile version when using operamini, ucweb, android chrome, Mozilla firefox browser to browse gmail website.after gmail upgraded their mobile version of their email platform, users can't be able to upload or download attachment files be it doc, docx, pdf etc.i have been working my head through this but could not find the answer to it.recently just a little error testing solved the problem.now i can easily upload and download attachment on gmail mobile view site.so if you are finding it difficult uploading files, then this post will guide you on how to upload, download attachment file on gmail mobile view version.

How To Reveal The Url Link To A Website If Shortened With Url Shortener Like Bitly, Tinyurl, ow.ly Etc

How To Reveal The Url Link To A Website If Shortened With Url Shortener Like Bitly, Tinyurl, ow.ly.have you received a shortened url link from bitly.com, tinyurl.com, ow.ly and other url shortener service but not too sure if the link to the destination site is safe or not.well, you can use a simple service called urlreveal.com to reveal the shortened link and know where exactly the link will lead you to instead of just clicking it immediately.this way you can prevent hacking , phishing links that would trick you into giving them access to your account unknowingly.