Saturday, October 25, 2014

Airtel 1+1 Android Plan 4GB and 9GB cost 2000 and 3500 Respectively

airtel 1+1 Android Plan 4GB and 9GB cost 2000 and 3500 respectively is one of the latest airtel internet bundle plans that is rocking the airways right now.airtel Nigeria have just introduced a new data plan for their users called 1+1 Airtel Android Plan 4GB and 9GB which i believe is one of the cheapest android bundle plans at the moment.airtel is no doubt one of the first mobile network to come up with android internet bundle plans and after a while they introduced the 1+1 Airtel Android Plan 4GB and 9GB solely for android device users.many android users have been waiting for this but the bad news is that this bundle plan is not for every airtel subscribers.you may ask why, well i really don't know why airtel decided to limit the offer to certain sim card so before you rush and load your sim with airtime, it will be nice to first check if your sim card is eligible for the offer, it won't cost a penny to check for eligibility of your sim card, here is how to subscribe to 1+1 Airtel Android Plan 4GB and 9GB cost 2000 and 3500 respectively

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Anonymox Firefox Extension : Hide IP Address On The Internet

Anonymox Firefox Extension, Hide IP Address On The Internet.are you looking for an easy way to Hide your countries IP address and stay anonymous on the internet without trace.if yes, then with Anonymox Firefox Extension, you can Hide IP Address On The Internet without using any software directly from your Mozilla Firefox web browser, cool hun.anonymox is an hide ip tool for Firefox web browser which you will have to download from Firefox extension app place, once installed on your Firefox, you can use it tp hide your IP address on the go and stay anonymous online without trace.see more features of AnonymoX Hide IP Firefox extension

Friday, October 17, 2014

Download 2go Latest Version 4.0.5

Download 2go Latest Version 4.0.5. 2go chat messenger latest version 4.0.5 has been released for all 2go users to download.the latest version comes with a redesigned interface with lots of features.the background of 2go chat messenger latest version is now white with a beautiful navigation menu bar.this latest version has a logout option which means you can now logout of your 2go account and logging with another 2go username.this feature is what many 2go users have been asking for since some people makes use of their friends 2go chat application to attend to important message and connect with friends without logging out leaving their 2go account to be accessible by unauthorized users.so Download 2go Latest Version 4.0.5 and see the features yourself.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How I Generate & Download Android APK Apps Online From Play Store Without Using Google Play Store App

how i generate and download android apk apps online directly from playstore without using google play store.when ever i am on PC, i usually download any free android apps in APK online directly from Google play store without using Google play store.you may say how is this possible.well, there is an online website where you can convert the apps on Google play store into an apk extension which you can download straight to your mobile phone or computer without necessarily using Google play store app.most at time, play store is usually slow while connecting and also some of us who makes use of computer to browse the internet may come across a cool apps on playstore but your android phone may not be with you that moment and you need the app.all you need to do is to visit the APK Downloader at http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/ and use the app url from play store to convert it into an apk file extension which you can easily download to your computer without logging into play store which is normally required if you are using Google play store app.so today i will share with you on how to generate and download android apk apps and games online directly from google play store without using play store app on your mobile phone or computer

How I Backup Android Apk Apps & Games Using ES File Explorer

do you know you can use ES file Explorer to make a backup of android apk apps and games on your android phone or devices. lots of us making use of android phone are finding it difficult creating a backup of android apk apps and games on your android device without rooting it.most at times before you can do this, you will need root access on your android phone but now there are lots of apps that can enable you make backup of your apk android apps straight to your SD Card and ES file Explorer can do that perfectly well.i normally make use of an app called MyAppSharer to make backup of my apk android apps and games on my android phone which is also effective.but many of us don't know one can free apps like ES file manager to do this which is one of the most downloaded file Explorer for android phone and many of us are using it without this knowledge, so today i will share with you on how to use ES file Explorer to make backup of apk android apps and games on your android phone or devices

Saturday, October 11, 2014

What Happened To Linda Ikeji Blog/Website : You Can Learn From Her Mistakes As A Blogger Too

By now many people are googling what happened to linda ikeji blog or website.it may interest you to know that lindaikeji.blogspot.com was deleted.it has been restored and working properly after it was deleted from blogger/blogspot platform due to copyright infringements as she thought.as the story goes, what happened to linda ikeji site at www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com was a love turn hate by a forgotten friend of hers.you may recall that linda ikeji and ayedee with twitter handle @Ayedee who contacted linda ikeji and accused her of copyright infringement which made google to delete her blog from blogger/blogspot platform since google is the owner of the platform.according to linda ikeji post, mr ayedee is a cyber squatter who have taken over all possible domain names that has lindaikeji on it for example, lindaikeji.net,lindaikejiblog.com, lindaikeji.com etc.the list goes on.but to cut the long story short on what happened to lindaikeji website, the both parties involved were two best of friends according to linda ikeji, ayedee is her friend,they meet online but most online news claims they are lovers and dating but its not really of a big deal.this post is not really about linda ikeji banter but what you will learn from the problem she went through as a new blogger which is a must read because i also learnt something which i will highlight.

Friday, October 10, 2014

imagesup.net : Upload And Host Your Image Without Registration

imagesup.net : Upload And Host Your Image Without Registration.guess so many of us are members of different forums and website and would love to share some personal photo or images quickly with the people you are connecting with but no option to upload images from your computer directly other than using a url of an image hosted on a website.what would you do in this.so many of us don't have a website where they can upload and host their own images and even if you do have a site, you wouldn't want to upload large amount of images to suck up your site bandwidth, so the need of a free image upload and hosting site.most image upload and hosting site will not allow you to upload and host any image without registration but i have found one which allows you to upload and host your images on their site without registration or creating an account with them at imagesup.net.so if you have been looking for a fast way to upload and host your images to share online without registration, then imagesup.net is one of the few site that allows it,here is how to use it


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