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Glo manual internet configuration settings for mobile phone

today i am going to share with you on how to configure glo simcard manually to browse the internet.out of all the network operator in Nigeria,globacom seems to be one of the network that require you to call their customer care to activate your simcard to receive gprs internet signal.this has been their style of services.so therefore, before you can be able to browse with your mobile phone after configuring your phone manually, you must first of all call glo customer care to activate your line to receive gprs internet signal.

glo manual internet settings

so how do i configure my phone manually to browse the internet using glo simcard.

step1: you must first call glo customer care to activate your simcard to receive gprs internet signal.customer care number is 121.

step2: after calling their customer care, it will take your glo simcard 24-48 hours to be fully activated but before then you should just go ahead to configure it using this settings.

step3: for s40 java mobile phone users, read my previous post on how to manually configure your phone for internet browsing.

step4: then use this glo internet settings.

ACCESS POINT==> glosecure

USERNAME==> gprs

PASSWORD==> gprs

the above setting is for those who just want to browse with their mobile phone without subscribing for glo data bundle plans but if you subscribe, then use this settings as follows

ACCESSPOINT==> gloflat

USERNAME==> flat

PASSWORD==> flat.

that is all.ENJOY.should in case you have any difficulty in the process, please make use of the comment form to make your comment.

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  1. bro don't you have the cheat for either of those network?

  2. @anonymous, the cheat that is available for now is for computer.iwp vs etisalat is still browsing free.i a going to post the configuration settings very soon

  3. pls i need glo settings for my LG te365.tnks

  4. @anonymous, i am not familiar with lg internet setup.you can use the above configuration cause its same.all you need to do is to locate your phone internet setup and follow the above settings to get it done.you can call glo customer care number 121 for more assistance

  5. How can i configure with my htc P4600 mobile.I was told by glo customer care to configure manually.

  6. Please help me on how to configure Lg-C199 mobile phone. thanks

  7. @anonymous, i am not familiar with lg phones.although the configuration on the post is same, but you have to locate the internet setup on your lg phone.call the customer care of your network provide.

  8. Pls I have problem with my Nokia 610,i can't browse even when subscribed.

  9. @ighodaro, what network are you using, if it is glo, you will need to set your access point to gloflat before you can browse with it when you have subscribe.

  10. My name is Akinola. Plz help me with tecno glo internet configuration

  11. @akin, techno configuration is not some thing i will explain using comment.i will make a post on that soon.


  13. I can browse with may htc chachacha A810e

  14. I want you to help me with the configuration for glo in an At&t phone, it has just etisalat configuration and it's costly. Thanks

    1. it all depends where you can locate the settings on the at&t phone you are making use of, then use the glo configuration settings on this site to set it up


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