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How to subscribe to etisalat internet bundle

After making a post on all etisalat internet bundle plans,some one was still asking how to subscribe to etisalat internet bundle. therefore i have decide to share with you guys how to subscribe to etisalat internet bundles.etisalat internet bundle will enable you to browse the internet with limited megabyte or gigabyte.etisalat internet bundle offers different internet bundle to enable you browse the internet according to what you can pay.the etisalat internet bundle subscription plans include daily internet bundle,weekly and weekend internet bundle,monthly internet bundle ranging from mobile phone,blackberry,computer.so you can choose which one of the etisalat internet bundle you want to subscribe on.you must subscribe to any etisalat internet bundle before you can browse and also your mobile device must be enabled and configured to use etisalat sim and their internet bundle plans.you will see the list of etisalat internet bundle and how to subscribe to it.

you will have to dial or type the etisalat internet bundle subscription code on your mobile device.
read my previous article to see all the list etisalat internet bundle.. use this code also to check your remaining etisalat internet bundle *228#. ENJOY.
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