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NYSC orientation camp : required documents to take along with you

it is good to be informed on what items to take along with you to NYSC Orientation Camp before missing the trip.we all know that NYSC service is a day of joy for Nigerian student serving their fathers land from different part of the states.every undergraduates schooling in different part of Nigeria hope to see the day they will put on their khaki, ready to serve their nation on the mandate of National Youth Corp Service (NYSC).
but due to the rush and preparation to meet up with the activities, there are some important documents to carry along with you to NYSC orientation camp which of cause one may forget to take note of.so today i am going to share with you the most important item to take along with you to NYSC orientation camp to ease verification.

required item for NYSC purpose

how would you feel telling your friends and family members that you are ready to go for either batch A, B or C nysc course and you get to the camp only to find out that your documents are not complete.what would you do?. none of us want to experience such cause its annoying right.so take note of the basic required documents below.

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nysc 2012 batch-b-orientation camp time table

basic required documents to carry to NYSC Orientation Camp

==> original call up later from NYSC

==> original statement of result dully signed by school respected officer.

==> a valid school ID CARD.please note that they don't accept departmental or faculty ID CARD, so you must go to the camp with the school issued ID CARD.

==> Jamb Admission Letter

==> passport photo graph.

==> birth certificate or age declaration.

don't also forget to carry other documents such as WAEC RESULT, JAMB etc should in case there is any other verification or opportunities that requires such during service like scholarship, job employments etc.

so take note of that.if you know any other item that is not listed here on this website, please you can mention them for others to benefit by using the comment form.also share with your friends on Facebook.

in order not to miss any of them, you can do yourself a favor by putting the required items mentioned above into your traveling box a week before leaving and also cross check it a day before leaving. AJUWAYA!!!!, wish you guys safe trip.that's all.ENJOY.

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  1. Luv dis.nice info.keep it up

  2. All d documents mentioned here is very essential for such jouney.especialy statement of result and call up.batch b make una take note o

  3. Please somebody said dat school certificate is also required, hw true is dat. Cos ours is nt ready yet

  4. @anonymous, yes you need to take along with you your statement of result from the school.its very important.ask your school for your statement of result.not waec o

  5. is it compulsory dat d sch i.d card must indicate ur level, and what if d i.d has an expiry date on it, will it be disqualified?

  6. @anonymous, i can't say but you must go along with your school ID card.ask your school student affair officer

  7. Thanks 4 dis info.nysc is some how strict with their verification.one has to carry every thing as far as its a school document.

    1. Pls wat risks do I stand if I enta camp d 2nd day as a result of circumstances beyond my control.

  8. Must WAEC and JAMB result be original copy?

  9. @anonymous, you can still make it on the 2nd day but it depends on the state camp.some states are very strict, so i will advice you go at the day camp is opening.


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