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Gtbank Finally cleared my 1st adsense cheque: read what i passed through before opening a domiciliary account

Woow, i checked my google adsense account and notice that my cheque has been cleared and paid to my gtbank domiciliary account.well, i know there are so many newbies blogger who are still waiting for their first adsense cheque but have not yet opened a domiciliary account with gtbank or any other bank in nigeria.before doing that, please take the time to read what i passed through in the process of opening gtbank domiciliary account and clearing my google adsense cheque

gtbank claered adsense check

i wouldn't want any new blogger to pass through the stress i experienced in getting my first payment because its not encouraging at all especially when you have planned to use the money for some thing very important.

although some of the fault was from my end for not making the right strategy at the initial stage that causes the delay in clearing my adsense payment.here are the stress i passed through and their causes.

first of all if you are a blogger that is expecting first adsense cheque, then i will advice you to go and get a means of identification e.g national ID card, drivers license, international passport because that was one of the causes of the problem i had.take note of that.

==> the first problem was national id card.

can you believe i don't have a national id card.although i applied for it since 2010 but up till now is story upon story from the ministry.guess you know that you would need such to open a domiciliary account with any bank in Nigeria but if not available, you can use either (drivers license, international passport).

in my own case i have to spend up to 10k including transport cost to get a drivers license.

finally i got the license but there was a name spelling mistake which made gtbank to reject my application.i had to return it for correction, id section solved.

==> spelling mistake on my account name

please always make sure that your name is spelled correctly when opening a bank account with any bank in Nigeria even if it is a savings or current account cause the effect could be discouraging.

a spelling mistake was made on my name(just one latter) when i opened a savings account with gtbank and did not take it seriously cause i thought it doesn't matter due to the fact that it is meant for local (home) currency alone not knowing that the name would reflect in all my account i opened with them.

so i guess you understand that your adsense cheque will be issued to you base on the name you used when applying and if it does not correspond with your bank name, then you may not be lucky for your bank or adsense to free you from such.so if you know you intend to apply for adsense and your bank account name is not correct, then i will advice you to correct such name before applying cause you may not like the stress you would pass through.

i managed to correct the spelling mistake by presenting a court affidavit of correction of name.if you are not lucky, some of the bank customer care representative, may ask you to bring a newspaper publication to that effect (but since its not a change of name from musa to john, then you are required to just bring an affidavit with the heading "correction of name") so don't act like a novice when you visit the bank for this purpose and the bank representative asked for newspaper publication.that's all.ENJOY.

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  1. Its nice sharing ur experience.at least it wud help beginers like me to prepare for the journey.tanks 4 sharing.

  2. Realy appreciate this.its an eye opener.good one


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