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11 things you can learn while in school if you own a computer

they said being in the higher institution to learn does not really mean you should abandon every other aspect of learning.as a student who own a computer or laptop, there are several stuff you can learn with your computer to equip yourself with more knowledge.don't just sit down in front of your laptop or computer and browse facebook, yahoo messenger every day, use the free time to learn some computer program or internet program which can be a source of earning income for you in the future.today i am going to share with you, 11 things you can learn as a student who won a computer

note that you can practice most of the stuff i will list and may decide to go for professional courses to further build you.

11 things to learn as a student in university


you can learn webdesign as a student even when your course of study is not related to it.any one can do it as long as the zeal is there.so many professional web designers did not graduate as a computer science student, some of them even graduated as a business admin, biology, philosophy, English etc.so adding this knowledge to your libery would definitely help you in the future.some of the webdesign software you can practice with include, adobe dream weaver, microsoft front page, joomla, drupal, wordpress, etc.


you can learn programing languages like java, c++, csharp, etc.most companies need a customized software or program to carry out their business activities and programmers are not left out in this market.you can become a good software programmer by dedicating time towards learning.it must surely start from some where.you can get your hands in programing software like net beans, eclipse, virtual studio etc


you can as well learn video editing with your free time.there are so many event and occassion that requires the work of a video editor and if you happens to be a professional in that field, you earn big time with just a single job project.some of the video editing software you can use for practice includes, adobe premier pro, sony vegas, pinancle studio, Microsoft movie maker etc.


this will be of advantage to a photographer cause most of the time you will need to edit pictures.never the less, any one can also learn photo editing regardless whether you are a photographer or not, it doesn't matter.some of the photo editing software includes adobe Photoshop, corel draw photo, GIMP, etc


networking is also a good ICT knowledge to acquire.you can learn all kings of networking as a student and trust me there is room to getting networking jobs.almost every thing we do now a days involves ict either in networking, webdesign, oracle etc.so try and get yourself equip with networking to add to your knowledge base


music has come to stay as one lucrative business any young star can venture into and this has create room for others to benefit as music producer and beat making.you can as well learn how to create beat and produce music.some of the music production software includes fruity loops, sonar, reason, cubase, nuendo etc


graphics design is also not left out.you can learn graphics design with your spare time.most of the bill board, hand bill, flyers, business card etc are made by graphics designer and you too can tap into the market with your own graphics design skills.there are lots of people who wish to create banners, logo, flyers, bill board to promote their product.some of the graphics design software includes, corel draw, Photoshop, GIMP


you can also learn autocad for construction plans.so many student may come to you to teach them and pay you for the service.autocad is mostly used by the engineers dealing with construction, so an engineering student, you can take advantage by learning it during your free time.


you can also learn how to use most of the microsoft packages like MS word, EXCEL, ACCESS, etc.not only you will need it for typing your project works but also it can be a source through which you can earn extra income by teaching and typing for others


you can also learn database management which is also needed by top companies.you can go for ORACLE training.


installation of software programs and repair of computer or laptop is not a bad idea.you can equip yourself with the basic knowledge in installation and repairing of computer hardware and devices.no knowledge is a waste.

there are lots of stuff you can learn to get busy with your computer rather than browsing Facebook, yahoo messenger, skype chat all day without achieving some thing.for now i will stop here, so if you know any other stuff a student can learn while in school, you can share with us by using the comment form, that's all, ENJOY.

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  1. Making lots of sense.wil advice students to engage in any of the mentioned tips

  2. Mr john,I must confess,this post is an eye opener.tank u 4 sharin dis wonderful article.u are d man

  3. I am not a computer phreak but i knw how much i do earn at times just to install softwares for students.its better to learn sometin tangible if u own a pc than stayin idle except u merely bought it 4 work

  4. Nice post bro,but hw do one practice any of those things without having an idea on how to do them or is there ebook or handout that teaches how to work with those softwares reply me

  5. @erafe, there are lots of ebooks and video online that will guide you on how to do some of those stuffs, most of the stuff i know was as a result learning them either by reading eBooks and video tutorials


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