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common things to make you fail as a blogger

The question of Why do people fail in blogging has been a debate.some people goes into blogging due to many reasons which is best known to them and the failure rate is increasing every day in Nigeria and other countries.today i am going to share with you some reasons that would make some one to be unsuccessful in blogging as a Nigerian

why do bloggers fail

the reasons why some people fail in blogging is not limited to what i will share with you.its painful to start what you can not finish in the long run which is seen as a wide goose chase.all effort would be a waste.so it does not make any sense going into blogging when you know that you can not cope with it, hence would be unsuccessful blogging experience.if you are a Nigerian and you think blogging is for every one, then you would end up getting frustrated in the short run when no progress.so it is best to avoid a failing blogging experience and look for some thing you can do better.some of the reasons why people fail in blogging will be listed.

so what are the common reasons why people fail in blogging as a Nigeria

1. Blogging for the money

this is a serious problem with newbies.so many people are failing in blogging because they lack the positive mindset.money is not suppose to be the first priority when it comes to setting up a blog.the money aspect of blogger should come after building up the website or blog to a reasonable extent.forget about what that guru will tell you about Google adsense, affiliate marketing and overnight dollars in your account.blogging has gone beyond that.you must satisfy your readers (visitors) before you start thinking of money and this brings us to the next one.

2. Having No knowledge of what you teach

a lot of people are failing in blogging because they lack the basic knowledge to teach what they practice.most Nigerians are going into blogging thinking that the content will just come from mars.do not be deceived by the so called guru that will tell you that blogging is all about writing what you see online.blogging is beyond that.you need to have knowledge on what you teach to gain peoples trust.the people that are reading your blog post are not illiterate.they will ask you questions on what you teach through comments or email and if you can't give them some reasonable answer, then they would loose trust on you.

3. Refusing to spend.

some people don't want to spend their hard earn money on their investment online.the truth is that you need to spend money to get money, no two ways about it.you must be connected to the internet 24/7 which is one part that would make you spend more.you will also spend on advertising your website either through Google adword, Facebook ads, website ads etc.all this constitute spending and if you are the type that doesn't want to spend, then blogging is not for you.

4. Copy cat

some people go into blogging because their friends is doing it.blogging is not for every body and thus one should discover his or her talent on every other things to know what to blog about.just because your friends is claiming to be making cash from blogging does not mean you should engage yourself in it.copying some one's content is against Google TOS and authors TOS.you  are not allowed to copy other people's content if you are not permitted to do so, else the person may report you and your website will be off from Google search engine and your web hosting.

5. Passion for it.

this was suppose to even be the first stage to blogging.before any body could think of setting up a blog,he or she must be passionate about it.it is only when you have passion for some thing,you would be able to over come any obstacle along the way.there must be passion for you to start blogging.a musician without passion for music will find it hard to excel, a footballer without passion for football may find it hard to excel and so as bloggers without passion for blogging may find it hard to excel.

6. fear of competition.

in every business, there is always a competition which makes the business to have strategies to service their customers.newbies into blogging usually falls victim of this and end up giving up.in every thing we do online,there is a starting point,you must be willing to compete with your counterpart in other to gain grounds.

do not be afraid of that giant blog you see on the first page of Google search engine.they started from making one post.you too should have that positive thinking to become number one in the future.so removing the fear in you to compete with you counterpart would go a long way in achieving your goals.

i started from one post and zero page views even then there are giant blogger but now some of my post are topping search engine and getting thousands page views and visitors.

in every thing will do, there is bound to be competition.hope it helps.ENJOY.

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  1. The fear of competition is realy a big problem.seeing top bloggers topin d net wil make u tink other wise

  2. The fact stil remain that one must spend online to make it.blogging is not for stingy felows


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