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how i unlock huawei modem E303 : MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT

so many people have been asking me on how to unlock huawei modem E303. well, most of our mobile operator have upgraded their fastlink modem to more be secured and hard to crack.back then you just have to generate huawei modem unlocking code to unlock it but now things have changed as they have introduced more sophisticated modem into the market therefore making it hard for one to crack such modem like zte and huawei modem E303, glo bolt and latest version.today i am going to share with you on how to unlock huawei modem E303 mtn, glo, etislat, airtel
unlock huawei modem E303

guess some of us most have tried to unlock MTN huawei modem E303 with various unlocking software without succeeding, well, this is because the software may not pop up the insert unlock code box for you to put the 8 digit unlocking code generated due to the security placed on it.but never the less, there is still a way to unlock either from MTN huawei modem E303, GLO netpro huawei modem E303, AIRTEl huawei modem E303, ETISALAT huawei modem E303 or other data card providers.

the solution to this is a little bit complicated as one needs to buy credit before you can unlock it which must be done directly from your computer.even me my self have to purchase credit before i could unlock mine, so there is no two ways about it, you must purchase the credit before you will be given access to carry on the unlocking.

even those guru in plaza and computer village could not get it to work, which is a secret.this software will only allow you to unlock the huawei E303 modem if you purchase their credit but i am willing to give you an a login account details with 10 unit credit to enable you unlock your huawei modem E303 for a little token, of course its not going to be for free because i will have to buy it with dollars and it only requires 4 unit credit to get it done which means you can also use the remaining credit to make cool cash from it unlocking for others cause even those gurus in computer village or plaza could not get it to work, so that's a secret.

this modem is more secured than zte and most of the network provider like MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL are now introducing this stubborn modem into the market

but if you still have the old huawei modem, you can use an unlock code, read how to unlock your huawei fastlink.

but as for the E303 modem, you can't and hence must be unlocked directly using a specially made software which i will also give you including a login details to unlock yours without stress.

i have used it to unlock for so many people even in some plaza's in my area.

NOTE:for now glo bolt is not supported, only mtn E303 huawei.you can contact me for the software and account credit., email, (bedfordng@gmail.com), 2go id (bedfordng)

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  1. I must say u are the bomb.just succesfuly unlock d e303 glo modem.software and login works great,also ur asistance is highly appreciated.thanks a lot.

  2. This huawei e303 is a nutts.i have tried my posible best but could not.will contact u later

  3. @JUNIOR, glad you did it.our network providers are really stepping up by introducing new modems into market.new modem, new ways to unlock it.

  4. @anonymous, you don't have problem with the e303 as long as you follow the procedures, you will unlock it easily without stress.

  5. Mr john,luv ur effort.d login works great.now i see why its not 4 free.u b supplyin me more wen i have customers.thanks a l6t

  6. how to get credit to unlock glo blot e303 modem

  7. @anonymous, for now glo bolt is not supported with the software, i have tried it but did not work.mtn E303 huawei is working


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