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how to create your own indian web proxy server : complete tutorial

knowing how to create indian web proxy sever would enable you to stand out from other people.when they are searching for it, you will be flexing and using yours.indian web proxy is a web tunnel used to bypass anticensorship blocked site. this means that you can use indian web proxy to surf the internet freely with either MTN network, GLO network, ETISALAT network. as at the time of writing this post, IWP was browsing with etisalat.
before you can use it, you must first of all create your iwp server. the process can some how look difficult especially for those that knows nothing about hosting an html file.but i am going to make it simple and detailed for even a novice to understand.so if you have been searching for this, then this post is for you.today i am going to share with you on how to create indian web proxy server.

how to create iwp server
indian web proxy

i will recommend creating yours because you will use it to your satisfaction without sharing it.so many people have been asking me what they need to create iwp server.the simple truth is that there is nothing special than the usual uploading of tutorial.php file which require hosting that support php file.

in creating indian web proxy server, you need a web hosting that support php which will enable you to host the tutorial.php.most of the free web hosting does not support  it, that is why after creating it, you may get error from the web browser.

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some people also make the mistake of uploading the other php files like testmyserver and php.in which is not needed.so follow the steps by step guide bellow :

so how can i create indian web proxy server from scratch

step1: Google for free web-host, in this case we shall use sharkserve.com as example

step2: visit sharkserve.com,click on sign up. then choose use a sub domain, then fill in any name you like for the sub domain name e.g yourname.sharkserve.com.a page will open.choose i am a new customer, then fill in the registration form.
how to create indian web proxy server

create your own indian web server

step3: after filling and completing the registration form, they will send you a message that your hosting account will be activated within 24 hours, just wait till then.

step4: check your mail to see if the hosting account have been activated, if yes then, go to www.net2ftp.com . fill in you domain details e.g

ftp server= yourname.subdomain.com,
username= your username,
password= your password,
initial directory= /www
how to create indian web proxy server

step5: after filling your domain details, just logging.you will see different option, search for upload at the upper corner of the page, then click the upload option, a page will open.all you need to do is to click browse button, a window will pop up asking you to find the file you wish to upload,in this case search for the tutorial.php file from your computer and click upload and wait for it to complete.that's is all.you have successfully create your iwp server.

step6: now go to your web browser firefox and set the manual configuration to use http proxy=localhost, port=6050, ssl proxy=localhost, port=6051.

you are done

NOTE: the web hosting i used as illustration may not be available, so look for free hosting that support php file and or cpanel(control panel).

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  1. Nice tutorial mr john.keep up the good work

  2. Straight to the point.if u can create iwp server,then u have no problem browsing wit it

  3. Pls apart from computer can it browse wit ma symbian phone?

  4. Just luv the way u simplify and explain this guide.iwp main problem is creating of server.am sure wit this guide i can create mine.thanks alot

  5. Anonymous, no its only for computer

  6. What about IWP current settings?

  7. @anonymous, i don't know if its still working


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