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how to buy domain name (www.yoursite.com) in nigeria

buying a domain name for your website is not a difficult task.so many of us think that domain name is as cost as hosting but there is a huge difference in prices for the both.domain name is not that cost as one may get their choice of .com, .net name for less than #2000 per year, yes you may even get it lesser than that.if you are a blogger, webmaster or website owner and you wish to buy your own domain name for your website, then this post will guide you on how to buy domain name for your website either .com, .net, .org
buy domain name in nigeria

before buying a domain name, make sure you choose the name carefully because after buying,you can't change it back.you would have to purchase the one you like if you made a mistake so take note of that.so if you have gotten your choice of name and wish to go for it, then follow the step below.how to buy domain name in Nigeria

==> visit www.web4africa.net. you will see a search box where they said enter domain name.just type your choice of name without .com at the end e.g gurubest.then click on search button.

==> from the next page that will open, you will get an information of whether the name is still available or not, if available then click the order button.

it will take you to the next page and ask if you would like to add a privacy feature so that your information will be hidden when some one check the whois data of the name, just tick it or untick base on your choice and then click continue.

==> from the next page, you will be asked to fill in your personal information, do that and click the check out button.as for the means of payment, choose gtbank Nigeria for you to make payment through their gtbank account.

when you click the checkout button, you will get a preview details of your order, take note of the invoice number and their bank account number at the top.just copy it down.

==> now go to any gtbank branch in Nigeria and pay into their account.after payment, visit www.web4africa.net/bank. you will have to notify them through the link so your order can be processed.when you do that, within 24-48 hours your domain name would be activate for you to make use of it.you will get an email alert when it has been activated.that's all.ENJOY.

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  1. Yes, buying a domain name is an easy task. If you have few dollars in online ecommerce accounts like paypal, you can register it yourself within few minutes.
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