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how to flash nokia phone in dead usb using jaf

flashing nokia phone with jaf is not that difficult especially when you have the flash file of the phone.recently i made a post on how to flash Nokia phone in dead usb using phoenix flashing tool.but for those who can't use phoenix, then this post will guide you on how to flash Nokia phone using jaf pkey emulator
flash nokia phone using jaf

on like phoenix that will do the flashing without needing to look for the important flash file from your computer, jaf requires you to look for the phone flash files like cnt, ppa, etc to completely flash nokia phone in dead usb.i will always recommend dead usb mode when flashing any phone because it makes things much easier than doing it when it is ON, so follow the step bellow to get it done.

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how to flash nokia phone in dead usb mode using jaf pkey

tools needed for flashing a phone

=> jaf pkey emulator software
=> usb cable of the phone
=> computer
=> flash file of the phone(navifirm recommended for this)
=> if all this is set, then lets begin.

==> download and use navifirm to download the phone flash files.after download is completed, please take note of the flash file that has the following extensions, CNT, PPM, MCU.this is what we are going to use.just create a new folder and copy the three files to it for easy reference.

if nokia pc suite installed, please uninstall it and also its cable drivers before installing jaf

==> now download jaf software.inside the zp, you will see jaf and also pkey emulator.

unzip and install jaf .right click and send pkey emulator to desktop.from the desktop, right click the pkey emulator and go to property=>compatibility,under run program in compatibility mode, choose windows xp service pack 2 or 3 if you are using windows vista and windows 7,then tick run program as administrator and click on apply and OK it.

doing this will enable you to use jaf on your operating system else it wont work.

now run the pkey emulator from your desktop and click on GO.you may get a warning message saying DRIVERS NOT FOUND, ignore that and the software will open.

from the software, click on BB5. now you have to look for the flash files from your computer, to do this, click on MCU and look for it from your computer,remember i told you to create a folder and copy the three files into it.search and do same for PPM and CNT. when done

==> now tick the following manual flash, dead USB, factory set and then untick normal mode. when done, click on the FLASH BUTTON at the right side of the software, it will pop up a warning message, just click YES.

i assume your phone has been switched off, if yes, then connect it immediately via the USB cable.when connected, be tapping at the POWER ON button until jaf recognize it.at this point, just leave the phone and make sure you don't touch it when flashing is in progress.when flashing is completed, remove the phone battery for 2 minute and insert back and put ON the phone.that's all.

things to avoid when flashing a phone

==> make sure you download the current or latest version of the phone flash files.it must also be the correct phone model and RM code cause any thing other than this will be void.

=> make sure the computer has UPS that can hold power for up to 30 minutes should in cases their is power failure but if you are using a laptop pc, make sure it is plugged to light with fully charged battery that could last for up to 30 minute.

=> make sure the phone battery is fully charged.

=> make sure not to touch the phone USB cable or computer when flashing has started.

if you follow this, i see no reasons for not been able to flash any Nokia phone successfully.

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