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6 Responses to "how to burn an image file like .iso, .daa, .bin format using power iso"

  1. Thank u so much,u too gbaski.i download a file format of 160mb,for some month now and could not have made my day.great post,love it.

  2. Please admin,i downloaded a file in .utf and try to open it with ultra iso but could not.please what is wrong with.

  3. @tunji,glad you were able to view the file.just imagine downloading file of 1gb.most file now a days are been achive in image are welcome

  4. @anonymous,ultra iso is limited to certain image file like try and download power iso to view it

  5. Pls help me on this admin,i downloaded up to 500mb file and it has do i open it.reply pls

  6. @anonymous,i dont know of any good program to retrieve the password asap.even if you see any,it may take you days to scan and get the password


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