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4 Responses to "what is google trader"

  1. In trading on google trader, what assurancce is there that I won't be scamed, we know ourselves in naija.....what security measures are in place to prevent buyers from scammers, no one wants to be riped of his/her hard earned money

  2. @anonymous, there is a possibility that you may be scammed.Google trader is a website that allows one to showcase their product and if any one likes it, you will contact the seller through the contact he now depends on you whether to trust him or not.if you get scammed, you can use the report user button to alert Google of such activities by any users.

  3. Me i wntd to purchase a laptop but all dealers keep asking for an initial payment before delivery. Scared dnt trust niajas. What am i gonna do.

  4. @aldo, i will advice you to hold yor money since you dont know the person that well.


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