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6 Responses to "why you should avoid getting google adsense from third party"

  1. This is a nice tips.but could one do after getting rejected over and over again.its frustrating you know.

    1. @anonymous1,yeah its frustrating.that is one of the challenges you would face as a must be patient to wait for certain stuff as a blogger.

  2. Thanks for your valuable Adsense tips.

  3. Most of the other blogs relating to this post have only advantages of getting adsense approved through third party websites but you wrote about the disadvantages of it..great post

    1. @raifi, yeah they do talk about the advantages but hide the disadvantages.almost all third party don't care if you get ban or not,they have lots of the best option is to get it directly from adsense cause it worth it.

  4. just be careful when you put you ad on your blog. does your blog meets the criteria or not, that's why your account will be banned. but if you put your ad on the right place, you should be safe


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