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11 Responses to "genuine ways to make money with liberty reserve"

  1. I realy luv dis.although d pay is not much from these sites.fank 4 d info

  2. Like u mentioned, almost all the make online scheme involving liberty reserve are scam.only few are 4 real but d pay is not cool.

  3. hi! Is it okey to use opera mini in paid to surf online?

    1. @blebchel, operamini cannot be effective on paid to surf because of the redirect need a computer.but you can use operamini on paid to post on forums

  4. @anonymous, yeah the pay is not much but you join more of such scheme to increase your earnings

  5. @anonymous, you are right, one has understand what he or she want in life and also improve on them to make in life.the listed money making scheme in the post is different from the life perspective.

  6. tanx for the post. however, as i was trying to sign up a Referrer option was mandatory which i don't have, can you be of help?

  7. @anonymous,is it for the forum posting.if so, use internetgoodies

  8. hi.... thanks for introducing this to my life esp the ptp forum because I only have a phone to browse at my convenience. When I have the chance to rent an hour to surf using pc I also find time to accomplish just a few cents in cashnhits. I have a question in cashnhit.. I try to use the PTC ads in the site but I dont know why my earnings dont show to my cah statistic. Is there something wrong in there ptc? Once I wait the loading time of ptc there is a loading bar right and see to it that the bar fully loads. I close the window because i cant see any next actions to be done? it says need to write the captcha code but i cant see any box to be written by those captcha..hoho

  9. @blabchel, this is how it works.any ptc ads you clicked, you will see a random captcha numbers at the upper left corner of the page.there is a particular number they will ask you to click out of all the numbers that is displayed.for example, you may see some thing like "click 5", so out of all the captcha number that is displayed, look for 5 and click on it.that is when they will credit your each time you click on the right number, you will be don't need to type any captcha, all you need is to click on the specific number they asked you to click.hope this helps.

  10. Nice hints and comments on making money genuinely online.I'll try them out.Thanks!


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