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4 Responses to "Secret of making money online : how come the secret"

  1. Tank u 4 dis wonderful makin online is opened to every1 but how can 1 discover wat works for him.guess we just have 2 try and try till we get it rite.u are d bom

  2. Some of us in 9ja don't want to try tings .we wait 4 some guru to bring product,then help d guru to spread it by selling it 4 a cent.

  3. every thing you wrote down on the page is truth, one can spend money buying internet time,at the end of the month. you just discovered you just wasted all the precious time, you have supposed to be using to do something better.the internet is like a 100, story building filled with books, you are asked to search for a particular page in a so called book.the internet is a war zone, people killing people,90% of what we see on net is all joke, is like asking a 2year old babe to cook you fried rich,i hope know what we happen! please if you discover any better way of making people online do not fail to inform me, thanks for all your information, i will check the sites you talk about. i appreciate, keep the good work going! yours augustus email:

  4. @anonymous,for sure, internet subscription is one major spending you must do to be online but some people don't think they are spending in that regards. you are welcome, hope to see more of your comments.


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