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10 Responses to "2go chat application : what is lacking and improvement"

  1. Mr john, all wat u have said is surely lacking by 2go team.they luv gocredit more than bafles me to see hw dey keep introducing all kinds of selling strategy witout any support 4 their users mtcheeeew

  2. 2go support realy sucks.they better do sumtin about it cos its not always money.

  3. 2go team luv gocredit more dan any other tin.people are complaining while they are buzzy adding more useless quotes to earn more money.they shud do sumtin abt there help and support.up till nw no one has been able to answer wat happened to my #30 for changing my link no refund.nonsense

  4. True talk man 2go is a pain in the ass all the know how to do is make there profit not minding their consumers protection.

    1. Every day they strategies plans to launch various 2go quote to sell gocredit.2go should upgrade their customer support because a lot of users need help that can not found online.

  5. john,please i really need your help on how to download 2go on my computer

  6. please hoe do i work on my star,2go takes my star progress back when ever it has a problem and i re-download. . .what should i do?

  7. @nicole, 2go support team are not helping matters.well, the only trick i know of is by leaving your 2go on away overnight before going to bed.hope it helps.

  8. 2go hasn't sent me the link to reset my password


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