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2 Responses to "how i fix apploader not detecting blackberry OS software"

  1. My bb 9860 began to misbehave when I did factory reset. It got stucked at 70% while rebooting after I reinstalled the os. Gradually, I did everything in the book to get it to work to no avail. I used BBSAK to wipe it to no avail.
    All I can remember was that I eventually left the phone dormant for many months, waiting for a good time to revisit it with hardwork. When I picked it again , it was stucked at the terrible white screen error: “No application Linked (Factory OS)”.
    I began the ritual to find a way to format it and make it work, trying many method till I came to a post. This was how I solve my problem… I downloaded the “Full Procedure.bat” file (Google it) and used option “7” when I ran it. Actually step 7 comprises of step 2, 3 and 6 all at once. Then I ran Loader.exe for the OS, with my vendor file deleted from the two different folders as explained above, and my battery not inserted but with the phone connected by USB cable to my computer… when it reaches the “reconnecting to JVM” stage, I quickly reinsert the battery gently before the usual error occur when reconnecting to JVM” stage do fail (telling you to RETRY again)… Instead the battery booted the bb and the installation crossed that hurdle.

    However in the reboot after installation (which took almost 30 minutes) I waited for what seemed like eternity for the the installation to be complete! After, all was well! Hahahahahaha... buuullllllll man!

    1. thanks for sharing your experience. glad you finally fixed your devices. hoe to see more comments like this. regards


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