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what is MTN security number : how to get your MTN security number

MTN Nigeria has introduce a new package called MTN security number.MTN security number is a new package that is introduced by MTN nigeria to all their new and existing subscriber, with the aim of giving them a unique identification number which gives you the opportunity to service your self.this is surely a great move to reduce the rate at which subscribers calls customer care since one can now do most of the stuff them self.so today i am going to share with you on what is MTN security number?.

mtn security number

What is MTN security number?
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according to them, The MTN security number is a 16 digit number which consist of 12 digits Customer ID and 4 digits Security Key that is totally unique and personal to you. This number is very important and must be protected by not disclosing it to a third party (any person). MTN Nigeria will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from the disclosure of your MTN Security Number to third parties.

The new MTN security number opens the door to a world of convenient, safe and Do It Yourself Customer service. You will need your MTN Security Number to access customer service and self-help channels on the MTN Network. The Security Number protects your SIM and ensures that no fraudulent activity can be carried out on or with your MTN SIM without your consent.

How do I get my MTN Security Number?

according to them, they will send your Security Number via SMS and email, where email address is available, but If you have registered your SIM and have not received your MTN Security number, please visit any MTN Walk-in center. you should go along with an id card for quick response, and Upon verification of ownership of your SIM, your security number will be sent to you.

benefit of MTN security number

==> you can easily retrieve your sim card yourself without going to their office or calling customer care

==> you can easily change your share an sell pin without calling customer care

==> you can easily get your PUK number any time any day.

this will give you the authorization to get access to your information and change them if you notice any compromised.all changes to your information will be done through their website using your MTN security number.so i believe now you know the meaning.

note that the MTN security number is available for all registered and unregistered subscriber and such number should be kept safe by you, which means it should not be given to some one else in order to protect your self and information from any compromised as mtn will not be held liable for any loss or damage it might result to.visit their official page to get more: SOURCE http://www.mtnonline.com/mtn-customer-care/faqs

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  1. Good move from mtn.i hope this will last long

    1. pls do any of you know or what mtn email adress pls i really need it, pls if u have it send it to me through my email, cleversnowwhite@yahoo.com or cleversnowwhite@gmail.com or throgh

  2. Uum,this is another means of tracking.is the mtn security number compulsory.

    1. @anonymous2,you have no other choice than to use it.i don't know if it is compulsory but it is attach to the simcard of all mtn subscribers

  3. Will i call this 2012 packages.at least one can now make changes for them self without calling all those boring customer care.thanks for the info

    1. @anonymous3,yeah it would reduce the number of calls customer care would receive each day.

  4. i do not know how to use it, i got the security number but its very dificult to use please react.

    1. anytime u call mtn, they i'll ask u are u call from your own number press 1 or from another number press 2, so if u press 1 they i'll ask you to entered the last four digit of security number .immediately you press 1 your call i'll answer try now call 180. is also used in websites

  5. @anonymous, how is it difficult to use.what exactly do you want to use it for.

  6. greg4chizzy-operaMay 13, 2012 at 4:39 PM

    nyc1,4rm mtn. Mtn wil nw av rest of mindz@ der offices all ova d countries. Issues nd complains of puk no: nd swaps. Mtn
    ur bst connectn..,

  7. @clever, just type on google search like this mtnonline nigeria contact.you will see a link to contact them

  8. Good innovation. But must one personally visit your outlet to get the Security N0?

  9. @anonymous, you can call their customer care.they will ask you some personal questions they believe you might know, if everything went well, they will send it to you.


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