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how to use MTN security number : easy steps

so many questions have been asked by mtn subscriber on how to use MTN security number. well, the mobile network operator has launched an online platform called MTN web service (WSS) which gives you the opportunity to service yourself without going to their office or calling customer care service.this will enable you to login and use your mtn security number to make changes on your information. this is only available to those that have the MTN subscribers.so if you have not collected yours then you will have to go to their office or call their customer care service and request for it.today i am going to share with you on how to use MTN security number to login to mtnonline.

how to use mtn security number

the platform is not mobile friendly as it require a keypad to type your 4 digit key.the procedure is not difficult, so just follow the step below to get it done.

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so how can i use my MTN security number to access mtnonline web self service

==> visit https://selfservice.mtnonline.com/. you will see a login box at the right corner of the page

==> now, out of the 16 digit number, insert the first 12 digit (customer id) in the first box, and insert the last 4 digit key in the second box then click login.you will gain access to service yourself.

note that when you are logged in for the first time, you will be asked to change you password (4 digit key), do that and you will receive an sms alert to confirm the changes.

benefit of mtn web service
you may like to read what is mtn security number and how to get yours

==>SIM ReplacemenSIM Replacement
==> View Call Details
==> Change Security Key
==> Share 'N' Sell
==> PUK Request
==> Balance Enquiry
==> Activate data bundle
==> Activate and deactivate call forwarding

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  1. Tanks 4 dis info.mtn is trying but their services is poor.they should upgrade.

  2. Please is it a must to change the 4 digit key.

  3. @anonymous, its not a must to change your password but i will recommend you do that for your own good

  4. MTN are rubing me every time. Am tired of dis. Can u imagin dat i recharged N800 an the so called Mtn is rubing me of N100 every day without me subscibing any of thier service they ar thieve. I said it. If they like let them block my line after all its my money am spending their are other beter networks here in nigeria am not hiding mysef this is my number 08160259218 mtn to hell. Idiots. Am anoyed. Its too much 4 them.

  5. @anonymous, i understand your situation.recently they deducted my credit without my notice and i called their customer care but all they could say was that we are sorry for the inconvinience this must have cost you.till now i have not been credited bact.it sucks.i hope they are getting the complains.

  6. av been tryin 2 log in wit my mtn security number but am unable a connect, wenever i wanna log in wat i do c is a box dat come's inform of calculator and d other 1 which is SIGN IN. where should i click among d two?

  7. @anonymous, the small box that looks like calculator is the one you will use to input your security key but its like its unavailable for now. so just type your customer id and four digit passkey to login

  8. Good day bedford, my phone was just stole som days ago wit mtn line on it which i av it 4 digits no b4 i lost it n i want 2 retrieve it on dis sit, pls tel me hw 2 do dat wit my 4 digits pin?

  9. if you have your security number, just visit the web self service site and login, you will see the option to do sim swap, click on it and follow the instructions.you need to get a welcome back park sim before proceeding to do the sim swap

  10. d site is nt opening,i try login in bur it wil take me bak.y

  11. I cant logg in 2 my mtn self care app. Whenever i want 2 logg in, they will tell me unable to connect. Check the network settings used. Am confused, what do i do.

  12. MTN Ȋ̝̊§ just a useless set of network,all D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ know ♓Ø̶̷̩̥̊͡ 2 do best Ȋ̝̊§ 2 keep deducting from ones phone 4 service nt used imaging avng over 6oo box wat of credit on my phone be4 day break all was gone without uploadng nuffng,same fink occurred 2day wats all dis 4.wats d essence of monrthly recharge of Bis if one can't download nuffing except pinging still does dat got anyfink 2 do with my own additional credit,Mtn Ȋ̝̊§ seriously sick n am sick n tired of mtn I'dnt mind breaking dis sim after all dere ª̳͡Rε̲ better networks nt dis useless n nonprolific mtn.mtweeee

  13. Mtn re just bunch of tiffs nd liers, all dey know is thank u 4 choosing mtn ewu

  14. Infact mtn is gud bt d way d deducted my 90 pains me alot, i can't hide my felling.

  15. That self care app da work so?

  16. My customer ID or d security number i received was 12digits instead of 16digits as mentioned here, so wot shld i do?

  17. @anonymous, your security key should be specified in the message they sent to you.check the message and see if they included your security key


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